The man with the plan; the communication plan!

There is always communication!
When it comes down to change, it’s all about communication. Yet how often does one practice this in a decent manner? The first step is to realize that there is -always- communication! Let us say that we’re managing a restructure… Would you tend to hold communication off until you know everything? If so, did you think that people won’t talk amongst themselves? The ‘gossip’ is also communication, and it’s even communication that you cannot control! It happens because people do not like uncertainty and they will fill in the blanks with their own stories. Even though you want people to be creative, I don’t think this is the best situation to let them fantasize.
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Getting talent to nest

Turnover Crisis?
Just before the long weekend, a fellow IT enthusiast pointed my attention towards the following article: Solving the IT Turnover Crisis

Let’s bring forth an excerpt from the intro:

… You’ve probably noticed that the most talented software developers tend to not stick around at one place for too long. The least talented folks, on the other hand, entrench themselves deep within the organization, often building beachheads of bad code that no sane developer would dare go near, all the while ensuring their own job security and screwing up just enough times not to get fired.

This must be something a lot of people have experienced. The “top performers”, as the talented are often called, are generally the first to leave the leave the nest when trouble arises (f.e. yet another restructuring).

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