Azure : Oracle Licensing changes in 2017


A question that I often receive is what about Oracle in the cloud? Because their license politics is far from virtualization friendly. The good news is that the policy is very clear in terms of cloud ;

Microsoft Azure – count one Azure CPU Core as equivalent to one Oracle Processor license.

The ugly thing is that since the end of January, the following statement was added ;

When counting Oracle Processor license requirements in Authorized Cloud Environments, the Oracle Processor Core Factor Table is not applicable.

Today’s post is to take a look at the licensing and how the current model (of 2017) impacts Azure customers.

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MSSQL : What should I know about licensing HA/DR scenario’s in the cloud?


This week I met a customer who described the following situation to me…


Where, to be honest, I was a it flabbergasted as I could not imagine this being true. So I read up on the matter, to see where this could possibly come from.

Over the course of the last years, I’ve been in contact with licensing way too much. Though in the end, this can really make a lot of difference in euros/dollars/… And that is what matters to the business!

Update (31 Oct 2019) :



All things I’m going to say during this post use the following posts as foundation ;

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