Running the Powershell AzureRM module in a Linux Docker container


Given my affinity towards containers & azure, it will not come as a surprise when I say I published a small container from which you can launch AzureRM commands!



  • Docker Hub (build) :
  • GitHub (source) :


Getting Started

First of all, we’ll launch the container ;

docker run -ti kvaes/docker-powershell-azure


Next up you do the device login ;



And check out which commands are available…

get-command *azure*”

As you notice, the current preview release is quite limited in available commands. Expect more to be added over time off course!



  • Powershell on Linux works
  • The AzureRM module is in preview, and limited in commands
  • It all works inside a container too! 😀

Testdriving Windows Nano on Azure


This week I wanted to have a simple slave machine that I could use for our CI/CD integration of our ARM templates. Here I was thinking of leveraging an A0 machine (10-11€/month) with Windows Nano on it, as this doesn’t need the biggest footprint. So out I went to deploy!



When you want to deploy a nano system, just look it up like you would with (for example) a windows 2012 / 2016 machine… Type “nano” in the search bar.
2016-05-20 10_10_41-Everything - Microsoft Azure

I’m not going to elaborate on the deployment, as this is pretty straightforward and like any system deployment.

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