Become the IT top striker

The IT hat-trick
IT is a service oriented group within the company, yet they often see themselves as a separate entity. Yet some IT staff manage to get noticed in all the right ways. What are the secrets of their success? featured an article called “Four Secrets to Becoming a Rising IT Star”. The basics to start with are energy, enthusiasm & passion. But the difference can be made by scoring the following hat-trick:

  • Be good to your end users : You might be the next upcoming tech guru, but remember who your customer is… Do not make people feel stupid! People might not be that technical, so present the information in a manner that they understand the technology and it’s importance to the company. When you go to the doctor, would you appreciate it that he started laughing at you because you didn’t know what that medical term meant?
  • Business Intelligence : Is your IT department leading your company, or doesn’t it even seem to be able to follow? Get to know your organization & business. What do they do things, and how can you help them to improve?
  • Communication & Trust : Trust is the glue that binds relationships together inside and outside of work. Without it, moving up is virtually impossible. And honest communication is a huge part of building trust with your manager. Share the good news—and the bad. Information sharing, when it comes right down to it, translates to respect.

Did you say manga?!?

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Stay hungry, stay foolish!

Lately I’ve encountered two speeches I would like to share with you. Both are brought by great men who have been celebrated for their accomplishments. The reason I’m sharing them with you; is because I found both moving & insightful, where I bet you’ll feel the same way after viewing them. The first one is about 15 minutes, yet the second is 76 minutes long. If you want the “management summary” of the second one, click here. But trust me on this one, make time to view the long one! I know it’s lengthy, but I ensure you that it’s an interesting time spent!

Steve Jobs’s Speech at the Stanford graduation of 2005

Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture”

Six Minutes : about Steve
Presentation Zen : about Randy
Geek & Poke : for the kickass cartoons 😉


“Character is like a tree and reputation, like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.” Abraham Lincoln