NLP : Avoid “but”

A word to use with caution is the word “but”! Most people are not aware that this word negates everything in front of it… So when you say ;

Good job, but next time…

The result will be that the good part is not remembered. Doing it the way around will then have the opposite effect.


Luckily enough, there are simple ways to avoid this trap. You can use the words “yet”, “however” or “and” as replacements. These words do not have this negative effect, which will result in your message being passee more effectively.

No is an answer too!

“Yes” in an answer. “No” is an answer too. Even ” I don’t know” is an answer.

To not respond at all is the worst response ever… It’s plain rude & ignorant! How many times I’ve seen this in business scenarios.

“Let’s just play ostrich and let it all blow by. It’s not my problem!”

False Libelous Info About Yourself?

Bloggers are usually well aware of the dangers of being accused of libel, and that’s why most independent online journalists are very careful to make sure that everything they write about someone on their blog is backed with documentation and evidence. But when someone writes something libelous about you, you need to be well prepared to fight back hard.

So what can you do? Read the article @!

In November a Dutch waitress got “shut down” by a Belgian politician after comments about his visit to NY. I guess that’s the downside to the “libel” part, who’s the judge in right/wrong?

Top Ten Communicators of 2008


  • Barack Obama – As his star continues to rise, there’s just no contest for #1 Best Communicator.
  • Tim Russert – He was one of the best, and we’ll miss him.
  • Randy Pausch – An unknown, until he gave one speech about his mortality. (I personally loved his mortality speech and must admit a certain sadness when I discovered he lost the fight against cancer in July 2008.)
  • Colin Powell – Always great, in 2008 he gave the interview of the year.
  • Mike Huckabee – The one repeat from last year – he can’t be held down.
  • John Chambers – A remarkable businessman who’s speaking ability drives his company.Chambers
  • Sarah Palin – A remarkable woman in a remarkable rise to celebrity.
  • Tina Fey – How could she not be on the Top Ten Best list?
  • Anderson Cooper – He’s one of a kind – leading a new breed of journalists.

Source : Bert Deckers’s “The Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2008”

Out Cold

sneezeEven the best of us get sick sometimes… and so do I! 😉 Yet this post isn’t for pitty sake but to share a bit of knowledge I did not know before. The term “common cold” doesn’t have the “cold” as a cause. Neither heat or cold makes you get a “common cold“, but it’s a pure viral infection. The reason why it’s called this way, is because people tend to stay more inside during colder weather. This increases the infection rate as people are crowded into “small spaces”.