The four basic questions

Starting with four basic questions (that you may be surprised to find you can’t answer), Jonathan Drori looks at the gaps in our knowledge — and specifically, what we don’t about science that we might think we do.

Brain Magician

The next video is from Keith Barry at TED. He demonstrates how our brains can fool our bodies. I’m a believer of NLP yet this seems to go the next level, more towards the “magician”. Here I must say that I don’t believe in magic, that it’s always an illusion… 😉

Institutions versus Collaboration

Check out the following TED presentation on “Institutions versus Collaboration“. It’s a very insightful presentation about the difference between institutions and collaboration. You might actually say that you can identify the closed versus open source movement in there. Institutions want to capture the most performance driven resources, and collaboration focuses on capturing the broadest spectrum of available resources.

In this prescient 2005 talk, Clay Shirky shows how closed groups and companies will give way to looser networks where small contributors have big roles and fluid cooperation replaces rigid planning.