WordPress language issue under php5

If you’re experiencing this, check the following thread

You need to edit gettext.php file

Find entry:

if ($magic == ($MAGIC1 & 0xFFFFFFFF)) { 
$this->BYTEORDER = 0;
} elseif ($magic == ($MAGIC2 & 0xFFFFFFFF)) {

Replace by:

if ($magic == $MAGIC1) {
$this->BYTEORDER = 0;
} elseif ($magic == $MAGIC2) {

The wordpress plugins you should have!

THE spam filter for your comments section. The stats currently shown in my own dashboard: “Akismet has protected your site from 79 spam comments.” And the numbers increase on a daily basis!

Very useful for deeplinking in your own blog. Like for example the “solaris” link you can see here…

Google Sitemaps
No site should go without a sitemap… Treat your site with the SEO it deserves!!!

Described as “The ultimate social bookmarking plugin.”, and it does just that.

Open Web Analytics
Know your visitors, and why they are YOUR visitors.

Some other useful ones: