Anonymizing data with Presidio on Azure


Earlier this week Laure showed me an awesome SDK that provides context aware, pluggable and customizable data protection and anonymization for text and images. Which is called ; Presidio! Where this has proven to be very useful for a use case we were working on. In today’s post, we’ll take a look how you can leverage both App Service and Logic Apps to build your own demo with Presidio. Though if you want to test things straight away, do check the demo website as maintained by the Presidio team themselves ;


What does it do?

In essence, there are two steps involved ;

  • Analyzing ; Where an NLP trained model will go look for sensitive data and provide a list of locations where it found those.
  • Anonymization ; Where the list of locations is then used to filter out / mask sensitive information.

To get to a result where you can ensure that sensitive data like credit card numbers, locations, names, SSN numbers, bitcoin wallets, phone numbers, financial data, etc can be kept confidential. Which you can see on the following example.

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