Technical insight into NTFS

Check out OSnews’s article “NTFS: A File System with Integrity and Complexity“.

The topics handled in this article:

  • Glossary of NTFS Terms
  • A File System of Files
  • Fill Your Quota
  • Better Backups with Shadow Copy
  • File Compression Made Easy
  • Alternate Data Streams
  • File Screening
  • Volume Mount Points
  • Hard Links, Soft Links, and Junction Points
  • Fun With Logs
  • Encrypting File System – EFS
  • Advanced Format Drives
  • Interview: Dr Gary Kimura

It showed me some interesting insights into the technical possibilities I wasn’t aware off. Nice examples are that “symlinks” is possible since Windows Vista and the concept of “streams!

Hyperthreading explained!

There are a lot of nice technology names that sound cool, but where the actual specifics are a bit unclear. Hyperthreading is one of them for a lot of people. So check out the following arcticle “What Is Hyper-Threading?” @!


I’ve even spoken with one poor fellow who thought he’d purchased a eight-core processor because he saw eight graphs in Windows Task Manager. That’s what the sales rep told him, so when he went home and saw eight graphs, he was hooked. Seeing was believing. Two graphs appear in Windows for each core on a Hyper-Threading processor because Windows is detecting two logical processors for each core. The term “logical processor” sounds fancy, but a logical processor is by definition a processor that has no physical existence. Windows can send threads to each logical processor, but there is still just one core doing the actual execution, so a single core with Hyper-Threading is dramatically different from two seperate physical cores.