Azure : Debugging VPN Connectivity on Resource Manager

Debugging failed VPN tunnels can be quite annoying… Today we had an issue with a new deployment that had us on a wild goose chase for a while. So a quick post to give all of you some tracking points ; vpn_trans

  • The first VPN gateway that receives a packet which is in need of the tunnel will initiate the connection. In ARM you have no way to manually initiate the connect.
    As a side effect, the destination gateway is typically the one who has the most useful information regarding the VPN connection. So when debugging, look towards that gateway.
    Therefor I would suggest to start a ping from an Azure VM (within the VNET) towards the local network. This will kickstart the connection process.
  • The diagnostic part on the Azure side is quite “basic” and well hidden… Actually, the commands to get diagnostics are only available in “classic”-mode. Though you can work your way around it. Check out the following post for more information o getting diagnostics for the VNET gateway on Resource Manager.
  • With the change from “Classic” to “Resource Manager”, there was also a change in the naming of the VPN types. Previously we had “static” and “dynamic”. The “static” connection was “policy-based” and the “dynamic” was “route-based”. When looking towards the effect, the “route-based” deployment relied on IKE V2, where the “policy-based” deployment relies on IKE V1. This is VERY important to know, as this has an effect on the amount of tunnels you can build. In addition, there are a lot of VPN gateways that do not support IKE V2 (at this moment).

Good luck troubleshooting!

Rancher : Provisioning hosts on Azure


At this time, Rancher has a great support for a variety of Cloud Providers, except… Azure. Though it possible to provision hosts to Azure via your Rancher interface!

2016-01-08 11_46_58-Foto's

We’ll be doing this via the “Other” link…

Steps for today?

  • Setup Docker Machine
  • Validate integration between Docker Machine & Azure
  • Use Rancher to provision a host in Azure

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Xmas Tech Cookbook : Docker Swarm & Rancher Walkthrough

Objectives of this post

  • Install Docker on all machines
  • Setup a Docker Swarm
  • Setup Rancher to manage the lot


Test Scenario

For this walkthrough I’ll be using 4 x Azure A0 Machines with Ubuntu 14.04TLS on them. Three of those will serve as docker hosts and one will be my Rancher management tooling. The docker hosts will be put into a swarm. For easy reference (and as a basic enterprise simulation), I’ve setup my docker hosts in a seperate subnet compared to the rancher.

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