Using Visual Studio Team Services & Rancher for continuous deployment for your docker containers


Today I’m going to show you how you can leverage the combination of Visual Studio Team Services & Rancher to kickstart your continuous deployment of your docker containers. So every time we update our containers, we want a smooth upgrade process on our container setup. What do you think? Let’s see what this can look like?


The flow

The scenario of today will have the following flow ;

  • We’ll use a git(hub) repository to store our docker-compose & rancher-compose file that powers our solution.
  • Next up, we’ll be using VSTS as the orchestrator for your CI/CD-pipeline.
  • Rancher is our preferred container workflow / management tool, and we’ll be using the “rancher-compose” on our VSTS build agent.

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Issue with VSTS Agent on Ubuntu – Failed to initialize CoreCLR, HRESULT: 0x80131500

So today I was installing an VSTS agent on Ubuntu and I got the following error message ;

Failed to initialize CoreCLR, HRESULT: 0x80131500

I received this error message when trying to run the “” command ;


So how to fix this? Apparently the agent has a hard dependency towards “libicu52”.  By default my system (ubuntu 16.04 LTS) had libicu55 on it. You can find the “old” package on the following location. And install it?


sudo dpkg -i libicu52_52.1-3ubuntu0.5_amd64.deb

And that did the trick!


Have fun with your Linux CI/CD pipelines now! 😀