Anonymizing google searches with Firefox

GoogleSharing is a special kind of anonymizing proxy service, designed for a very specific threat. It ultimately aims to provide a level of anonymity that will prevent Google from tracking your searches, movements, and what websites you visit. GoogleSharing is not a full proxy service designed to anonymize all your traffic, but rather something designed exclusively for your communication with Google. Our system is totally transparent, with no special “alternative” websites to visit. Your normal work flow should be exactly the same.

Check out GoogleSharing! or more info for the geeks … /. comments! 😉

Locale… the downside
A disadvantage is that it only works with As a firefox user you probably know that Firefox uses your locale to match your “local google”. (f.e.
So you have to change the search engine xml to use instead… How to do this? Check this article at “Random Nothings”.

A Remote Vulnerability in Firefox Extensions

Check out remote-vulnerability-in-firefox… It’s describes that firefox extensions hosted on a non https site are vulnerable. The vast majority of the open source/hobbyist made Firefox extensions – those that are hosted at – are not vulnerable to this attack. Users of popular Firefox extensions such as NoScript, Greasemonkey, and AdBlock Plus have nothing to worry about.

firefox plugins – the must haves!

Colorful Tabs
One of the things I got used to very fast when starting with “firebird” (the original name of FireFox) were the tabs. Yet when you have a lot them opened, then you can easily lose track of what was what. This addon gives each tab a nice pastel color, easily identifying your tabs, and nice on the eyes.

Firefox Showcase
I think this was stolen from the ideas from IE. Yet they’ve probably had stolen it from Mac… and they’ve stolen enough from Firefox in the past. So who cares? It’s a nice thing. You press F12, and you get a visual overlay of all the pages you have open.

Building websites? Then you NEED this. I cannot believe this wasn’t developed ages ago.

A crossplatform ftp client in the shape of a firefox plugin.

Choose which flash things need to be shown (thus downloaded).

Measure anything on a webpage. Handy when designing imo.